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Views from the Outside – Curb Appeal Window Treatments

curb appeal curb appeal

As a homeowner, designing the interior of your home was probably a top priority. After all, it’s where you spend most of your time. However, how your home looks on the outside plays an important role in how you feel when you walk in and out of it each day.

It not only adds value to your home from a resale point of view, but also contributes to the first impression on others, the feel of the neighborhood and your privacy. Most think curb appeal is about making your home stand out with landscaping, painting, and doors, but what about your window treatments?

Window treatments promote curb appeal with a consistent, fluid look when viewed from any angle outside your home. This doesn’t mean you need the same window treatment in every window. Depending on your taste and style, different coverings may be installed in different rooms yet still be uniform, eye-catching and attractive from the outside.

Create an Exterior You Love Coming Home To

Window treatments do so much more than filter light, reduce noise and highlight the décor of the rooms inside your home. They boost your home’s curb appeal. Create an exterior you love coming home to each day with your choice of window coverings from Hunter Douglas.

From selecting materials and colors to expert measurement and installation, our window treatment specialists can help you create the perfect window treatments for your home. Find a specialist near you to get started today.

outside view of window treatments outside view of window treatments

Sheers & Shadings – Design Ingenuity and Refinement

Our innovative Sheers & Shadings diffuse and soften natural light deep into a room. These innovative window treatments, which feature beautiful fabric options, have adjustable fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing. The combination of design ingenuity and refinement in one window shade looks lovely inside and out. Easily adjust the vanes to allow light to filter through while preventing the outside world from looking in.

outside view of window treatments on doors outside view of window treatments on doors

Cellular Shades – Versatility and Beauty

Our original energy-efficient honeycomb designs are distinguished by a crisp, clean style. Decorate every kind of window you have—even tricky skylights and unusually shaped panes—with our signature cellular shades. They are one of Hunter Douglas’ most versatile options and beautify not only every kind of interior, but the exterior as well.

outside view of window shades outside view of window shades

Roller & Solar Shades – Clean and Contemporary

For a look that’s custom, our Roller & Solar Shades offer a clean, contemporary appearance in a beautiful range of fabrics—from sheer to opaque—for unlimited light-control options. Since Roman Shades come in so many light-filtering as well as room-darkening fabrics, you have many choices for not only controlling light inside, but for enhancing the curb appeal outside.

outside view sliding glass door shades outside view sliding glass door shades

Vertical Blinds – Stylish and Dramatic

Ideal for large expanses such as French doors, patio and sliding-glass doors, and bay and corner windows, our Vertical Blinds make a stylish choice for any room. While delivering a dramatic backdrop inside, they provide distinctive symmetry when seen from the outside of your home.

curbside view of window treatments curbside view of window treatments

Shutters – Strong and Durable

Hunter Douglas’ shutter selection can be made to fit specialty shapes and sliding glass doors so they lend warmth and classic styling from the inside looking out. Precision-crafted, Shutters provide the privacy you desire with the craftsmanship you deserve. Enjoy an impressive selection of real hardwood, modern-day hybrid materials and a Polysatin™ compound for maximum strength and durability.

Roman Shades – Sculpted and Elegant

Featuring a sculpted, modern look, our Roman Shades offer distinctively elegant styling. Choose from a range of fold styles, fabrics, colors and textures to meet all your light-filtering and room-darkening needs. Given the nature of their construction, when it comes to curb appeal, they may be best suited for windows on the side or back of your home.

Woven Woods – Handcrafted Beauty

Add warmth and character to your space—inside and out—with materials that are artfully blended to pay homage to unique textures found in nature. Handcrafted, our artisanal Provenance® Woven Wood Shades combine the inherent beauty of wood, grasses and reeds for a completely organic design. They are attractive both when lowered and raised. Create a unique custom look with a wide selection of shade styles and design options.

Wood & Metal Blinds – Rich and Traditional

Our wood, alternative wood and aluminum Horizontal Window Blinds lend a rich, traditional look to your home. With your choice of colors, paint and stain finishes, they blend well with both your exterior and interior color palates.