Vertical Blinds

Sheer Panels

Light-diffusing vertical sheer panels with fully-integrated vertical vanes.

  • Enhances light
  • Adjustable light/privacy control
  • Ideal for large windows
  • 80+ fabric/color choices

Panel-Track Blinds

Statement-making, sleek, gliding panels perfect for tall or wide windows.

  • Panels stack tightly when open
  • 450+ fabric/color choices

Alustra® Woven Textures®
Panel-Track Blinds

A sleek, contemporary alternative to traditional panel-track blinds.

  • Designed for expansive windows
  • Unique, globally sourced fabrics
  • 70+ fabric/color choices

Vertical Blinds

Elegantly styled vertical blinds that mimic plush drapery folds.

  • Smooth, silent movement
  • 40+ material/color choices

Vertical Blinds

A wide selection of materials, colors and textures for any design aesthetic.

  • Smooth metal finishes and statement fabrics
  • 170+ material/color choices

Vertical Solutions®
Vertical Blinds

A minimalist design, so art and furniture can take center stage in a room.

  • Smooth movement
  • 40+ material/color choices

What Are The Benefits of Vertical Blinds?

Whether your home décor is modern or traditional, subtle or bold, you’ll find the perfect fit from products in our vertical blinds collection.

Available in a variety of trendy colors and textures. Tiltable slats and different opacity options provide greater light control and privacy.

Vertical blinds provide superior sound absorption for large windows and sliding-glass doors, improving a room’s acoustics while reducing outside noise.

Vertical blinds can easily be cleaned using a soft cloth with warm water and mild detergent. They can also be gently vacuumed using a brush attachment.

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