Wood Shutters

A classic style crafted from 100% natural hardwood.

  • 20+ color choices
  • Custom colors

Palm Beach Polysatin
Vinyl Shutters

Designed to stand up to intense sunlight and moisture.

  • Ideal for hot and humid climates
  • 3 color choices

Composite Shutters

Durable shutters for high-energy households.

  • The aesthetic of genuine wood
  • 8 color choices

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Interior Window Shutters

Timeless and classic, interior window shutters are an elegant way to transform the look and feel of your home.

Types of Shutters

You’ll find interior shutters crafted of real wood, vinyl and composite.

Real wood shutters are terrific window treatments for living rooms and home offices. Look for high-quality crafted hardwood that has been harvested from responsibly managed forests.

Vinyl shutters are designed to stand up to the intense sunlight and moisture of hot and humid climates, making them perfect for bathrooms.

Composite shutters combine the look of genuine wood with the durability of composite materials, for shutters than can take wear and tear.


Features and Benefits

  • Choose from genuine hardwood, vinyl or composite
  • Available in a variety of finishes, including custom paints and stains
  • Three louver sizes
  • Available for specialty shaped windows, such as arches, patio doors and French doors

Durable and sophisticated, interior shutters complement any aesthetic and add character to a room. Plus, they work well for specialty shaped windows, for a consistent look throughout a room.

Wood’s natural insulating properties and the air barrier inside vinyl shutters help create a more comfortable space. In winter, open shutter louvers so the sun’s rays can help warm up interiors—or close them to keep cold air out. In summer, close louvers to help keep warm air and the sun’s rays out, so a room stays cooler.

A regular, light dusting will help keep your shutters looking like new.

Composite shutters are extremely durable. If you love the look of genuine hardwood but have a high-energy household (kids and pets), you may want to opt for composite shutters.