Discover Stylish Alternatives to Vertical Blinds

Discover Stylish Alternatives to Vertical Blinds

February 18, 2021 By Hunter Douglas


Top Alternatives to Vertical Window Blinds


Vertical window blinds used to be the prevailing choice for covering sliding-glass doors and large windows. However, they are no longer your only option. For a modern and stylish look, there are many alternatives to vertical blinds that can make your windows look sophisticated.


Hunter Douglas offers a wide range of window treatment options, such as vertical cellular shades, sheer curtains, sliding panels, and shutters. We have designed these options to perfectly match your personal style and meet your preferences and requirements.



Narrowing Down Vertical Blind Alternatives


Before shopping for vertical window treatments, consider the clearance around your door or window. Do you have a handle that might get in the way of your window treatment? Is energy efficiency important to you?


Also, consider what type of vertical window treatment will best coordinate with other window shades in your room.


Duette India Silk

Vertical Cellular Shades


Our vertical cellular shades are a fantastic alternative to traditional vertical blinds for sliding glass doors. They provide excellent insulation, helping you conserve energy by keeping your space comfortable year-round. These shades protect your furniture from sun damage by blocking UV rays and are easy to open and close.


This particular shade style delivers superior energy efficiency. The honeycomb structure captures air in separate compartments, providing an additional layer of insulation at the window.


Cellular shades keep rooms cooler in summer by blocking rays and warmer in winter by preventing heat loss.


Their simple design adds a modern feel to a space. With various colors, textures, and patterns, it's simple to match these horizontal treatments with other windows in a room.


Earn A Federal Tax Credit up to $1,200!

Save energy year-round—and earn a Federal Tax Credit of up to $1,200 on select energy-efficient shade styles

Cool for the Summer Savings Event

Enjoy Rebates Starting at $300 on Energy-Efficient Shades

$75 Rebate per shade when you purchase 4-10 Duette® Honeycomb Shades with PowerView® Automation

Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds in Hampton Ivory Tower

Sheer Vertical Shades


Sheer vertical shades have soft fabric that diffuses light and rotates. They combine the functionality of blinds with the beauty of drapery panels. 


Sheer vertical shades protect floors, furniture, and art from UV rays while still allowing you to see outside. 


Choose sheer vertical shades, and you’ll always have light when you want it and privacy when you need it.


Skyline Gliding Window Panels in Maya Zanzibar Grey

Panel-Track Blinds


Discover the contemporary allure of panel track blinds. These flat fabric panels glide smoothly on a track, providing a sleek alternative to traditional vertical blinds. They open and close effortlessly to optimize your view and offer excellent light control.

Palm Beach in Bright White



The honeycomb pattern captures air in separate compartments, creating an extra layer of insulation at the window. Cellular blinds keep rooms cooler in summer by blocking sun rays and warmer in winter by preventing heat from escaping. Their uncomplicated design imparts a contemporary ambiance to any area.


Compared to traditional vertical blinds, shutters have a warm, rich feel. And they’re a great choice for high-traffic areas—they’re as durable as they are beautiful.


Because shutters come in sunburst and horizontal louvers, they’ll fit almost any opening, from angles and arches to hexagons. That makes coordinating other window treatments in the same room seamless.



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