How to Set Up Custom Scenes

How to Set Up Custom Scenes

July 31, 2023

A scene is a predetermined setting for your PowerView® shades, such as “Bedroom Open” or “Bedroom Close.”

When a Hunter Douglas specialist installs shades with PowerView Automation in your home, preset scenes are automatically added to the PowerView App for each room that contains PowerView shades. You can easily schedule these preset scenes to open or close all the shades in a single room.

And while preset scenes are great timesavers, you can also create customized scenes to control one shade or multiple shades—in a single room or across multiple rooms. Creating customized scenes gives you even more functionality from your PowerView shades—tailored specifically for your lifestyle.

Not sure how you would use custom scenes? Consider these examples:

  • A “Good Morning” Scene
  • Opens all the shades in the house to let natural light in.

  • An “Afternoon” Scene
  • Opens shades on the east side of the house completely and closes the shades on the west side halfway.

  • A “Bedtime” Scene
  • Closes all the shades in the house.

  • A “Pet View” Scene
  • Opens specific living room and kitchen shades slightly on weekend mornings, before you get out of bed, so your pets can enjoy the view before you wake up.

Creating Custom Scenes

Want to create your own custom scenes? Follow these steps in the PowerView App.

1. Navigate to the “Scenes” tab. Tap the Menu in the top right corner and select “Add Scene.”

2.   Select the desired Room(s) and then tap “Next.”

3.   Name your scene. We recommend choosing a unique color and icon in order to more easily sort and identify this new scene. Tap “Next.”

4.   Select the specific shades you wish to include in this scene and then tap “Next.”

5.   Shades will display their current position by default. Tap on each shade to adjust its position, if desired. If you want to position multiple shades for your scene at the same time, press and hold one shade thumbnail (a checkmark will appear), then tap subsequent shade thumbnails.


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