Vertical Fabric Blinds

Vertical Fabric Blinds

July 16, 2022 By Hunter Douglas


Why are Fabric Vertical Blinds Becoming Increasingly Popular?


If you have sliding-glass doors or expansive windows, you're probably considering vertical window blinds. They're made from many types of vinyl, aluminum, woods and other alternative wood materials, but here's why fabric vertical blinds are becoming a favored choice.


Sleek and Soft


Fabric vertical blinds (or cloth vertical blinds) combine the functionality of vertical blinds with the classic elegance of draperies. Compared to other materials commonly used for vertical blinds, fabrics have a greater amount of give and elasticity, so fabric blinds are less likely to lose their shape over time. And if you live in a climate where the vanes may be blown by the wind, fabrics are a much quieter option.


Let in Natural Light. Block UV Rays.


Fabric vertical blinds come in many varieties and opacities that beautifully filter natural light and provide UV protection. This is especially important for large windows and patio doors that bring in a lot of sun. Even when it’s overcast, damaging UV rays can deteriorate and fade your upholstery, hardwood floors, carpet and artwork.

Luminette in Solar Screen Perfect Storm
Luminette® Privacy Sheers Fabric: Solar Screen   Color: Perfect Storm

Sheer Vertical Blinds and UV Protection


When it comes to UV protection, you might immediately think of solar shades, but even sheer fabrics can prevent harsh sunlight from damaging your furnishings. Luminette® Privacy Sheers feature a gorgeous selection of fabrics that filter out glare and UV rays, while offering the ethereal look of sheer draperies. They’re designed with a sheer fabric attached to fabric vertical-blind slats. When open, the sheers diffuse natural light; when closed, the soft fabric vanes provide plenty of privacy.


Go Modern with Vertical Panel-Track Blinds


If you want a more modern look, choose sliding-panel window treatments like Skyline® Gliding Window Panels. These have a sleek, contemporary feel, minimal stackback and a stunning choice of over 600 roller- and screen-style fabrics, also designed to protect against the damaging effects of the sun. Skyline panels also coordinate perfectly with Designer Screen Shades and Designer Roller Shades.

Cadence in Cabriolet Vanilla
Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds Fabric: Cabriolet   Color: Vanilla

Ahead of the Curve


A twist on standard vertical blinds, Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds feature patented curved vanes reminiscent of soft drapery folds. If you have a lot of light coming into the room, Cadence blinds work well because they have a patented headrail that’s specially designed to provide a symmetrical fit and reduce light gaps. Every Cadence vertical blind includes a DualFold™ double-tiered valance for the perfect final touch.

Somner in Malta Magentic Grey
Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds Fabric: Malta   Color: Magnetic Grey

Custom Vertical Blinds


Whether your décor is traditional or contemporary, and whether you’re covering bay windows or sliding-glass doors, Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds are about as versatile as you can get. Like Cadence® Soft Vertical blinds, Somner blinds are made with a patented headrail that reduces light gaps. And, if you have an unusually shaped window around your door, Somner blinds can be made to fit arches, angles and even skylights.

Pirouette Stria in Sand Shimmer
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades & Luminette® Privacy Sheers Fabric: Sheer Linen   Color: Pompadour

Coordinating Fabric Vertical Blinds and Standard Window Treatments


If you need horizontal and vertical window coverings for the same room, how do you know what will work well together? The Hunter Douglas Whole House Solution™ makes choosing the right products easy by coordinating many of our horizontal window coverings with complementary vertical treatments.

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