Shades with Drapes

Shades with Drapes

April 13, 2022 By Hunter Douglas


Learn Which Shades and Drapes Work Best Together 


Pairing shades with drapes can really add drama and dimension to a room. But knowing just how to combine these window treatments can be challenging. You may be wondering, is my window too small for drapes? Should I get shades, sheers or blinds? Which colors, patterns and textures go well together?


First, Choose a Shade


Always start with choosing the type of shade you want since drapes are easier to change out. If your room is small, you might want a shade with a cleaner look. If your room is larger, then a more colorful, dramatic shade could work better. Then consider the décor of your room. If your walls have semi-bright colors, you could choose a shade in a contrasting color that pops. If you have lots of patterns and prints in your room, think about a more simple style of shade.

Go Modern with Cellular Shades and Drapes


A cellular shade combined with a drape offers a crisp, contemporary look at the window. (Not to mention the added benefit of energy efficiency that cellular shades are known for.) Duette® honeycomb shades, for instance, feature a wide range of pleat sizes, fabrics and colors. If you go with a light-colored shade, try complementing it with a dark drape. Or if your shade is solid, maybe choose a drape with a colorful pattern. 

Shades with Blackout Drapes: The Sheer Versatility


Sheer shades beautifully diffuse natural light to create a soft ambiance in a room, while blackout drapes provide the total privacy and darkness you want at night. For even more light control, Silhouette® window shadings can be paired with an independently operated room-darkening liner on the same headrail. The great thing about sheer shades is that they come in a variety of luxurious fabrics that contrast nicely with a heavier, dramatic drapery. 

Roman Shades and Drapes Add Elegance and Depth


Roman shades are available in numerous styles. The timeless fabrics of Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, for example, are available in a range of styles and fold sizes that add depth and interest when combined with drapes. And if you happen to have any light gaps around your shade, a drape can help you achieve complete darkness while creating a sophisticated, layered look.


A trick if you have small windows—mount the shades and drapes together a few inches above the window frame, and just a few inches below the ceiling. The stack of the Roman shades will neatly cover the space between the headrail and the window. Extend the drapes below the bottom frame to make the window look even larger.

Woven Wood Shades and Drapes Pair Quite Naturally


Made from natural woods, bamboo and grasses, woven wood shades like Provenance® Woven Wood Shades feature an organic textured look while diffusing light into the room. Adding a drape with a bold color and design can really complement the natural elements of your shade as well as offer you full privacy when you want it. If you have wood blinds or shutters, a neutral drape can also soften the look of the wood and accent the rich hardwood slats.


Whatever style of shades and drapes you choose, pairing them together can enhance any décor, from contemporary to country to traditional.

Side Panels and Drapery Are Perfect for Layering


Our collection of side panels and drapery allows you to dress your windows effortlessly, as every fabric coordinates with all Hunter Douglas window fashions. Once you’ve selected your shade, simply choose the layering piece that works best in your home: drapery (for functional light and privacy control) or side panels (for a decorative accent). Fabrics range from beautiful neutrals and solids to patterns and textures in linens, velvets, silks, wools, jacquards and more.


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