Luxury Blinds for Windows

Luxury Blinds for Windows

May 19, 2022 By Christine Bucks


When it comes to sumptuous living, “luxury” can mean something different to everyone, from a penthouse suite or an upscale condo in a major city to a secluded glass and steel beam structure overlooking an ocean.


No matter the square footage or location of your luxury home, dressing your windows is essential for setting the tone of a room while creating just the right light.


Read on to explore the many window-treatment styles for refined interiors.

Luxury Roller Screen Shades


Roller shades, with their clean, streamlined aesthetic, pair well with everything from contemporary to traditional design. Not to be relegated to less-used rooms, roller shades shine when making front and center appearances in any space.


If you’ve optimized an outdoor space as an extension of your home’s interior, consider Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades. Designed to reduce glare and heat gain—by curbing harsh UV rays—Designer Screen Shades are a classy addition to sunrooms as well as patios. (Select fabrics are available for patio shades.)


You’ll find a truly extensive fabric collection (over 400 options) that includes an array of solids, prints, colors and textures, in Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades. Outstanding on their own or paired with drapery, Designer Roller Shades control natural light beautifully.



Luxury Roman Shades


The gentle folds of Roman shades enhance the aesthetics of a room by softening hard lines and adding a sense of warmth. Select sophisticated fabrics for your Roman shades and you’ll take your windows to new heights.


Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, for example, feature luxurious fabrics in sheer, light-filtering and room-darkening opacities. Choose from silks, linens, tweeds and natural weaves in full or flat folds. (All Vignette fabrics are available in cut yardage, so you can create decorative accents with matching fabric.)


For Roman shade fabrics that are more indulgent, look to the Alustra® Collection of Vignette. This thoughtfully curated suite of exclusive design-inspired fabrics infuse a room with rich texture.


If your décor calls for Roman shades in natural materials, the fabrics in the Alustra Woven Textures collection may be for you. Crafted from globally sourced, distinct fibers and textures, this collection is an alternative to woven woods, and offers fabrics from French linen to lustrous charmeuse.

Duette Apollo in Reflections

High End Cellular Honeycomb Shades


Up to 30% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows—which is significant for any home, but even more so for homes with lots of windows or homes with expansive windows.


Keep your home warmer when temps dip and cooler when they heat up with cellular honeycomb shades—the most insulating interior shades available.


When it comes to cellular shades, you can’t beat Duette® Honeycomb Shades. The original cellular shade, the unique cellular construction of Duette traps air in distinct pockets, for an extra layer of insulation at the window.


Duette shades offer the widest selection of cellular pleat sizes, opacities, colors, textures and controls. And like Vignette Modern Roman Shades, Duette shades are also available in the Alustra Collection of design-inspired fabrics.


In addition to energy-savings and extensive fabric choices, another benefit of Duette shades is the optional LightLock™ system. Available exclusively with Duette, this system’s innovative U-shaped side channels, which blend seamlessly into the window, trap and absorb light. The result? Unparalleled darkness—making the LightLock system perfect for home theaters and bedrooms.

High End Drapery and Side Panels


Drapery and side panels add richness and drama to a room, accentuate dimension and elongate windows. And while they can certainly stand on their own, pair either with blinds or shades and you have yourself a double feature.


This carefully curated selection of well-appointed fabrics features alluring jacquards, artisanal embroideries and luminous sheers, and complements all Hunter Douglas window treatments.


Performance fabrics, designed specifically for durability, stain resistance and UV stability, are also available. All fabrics other than sheers are fully lined with a white light-filtering or room-darkening liner.

Silhouette in India Silk Temple

Luxury Window Coverings - Sheers and Shadings


Sheers and shadings provide UV protection for furniture, flooring and artwork while transforming light in a space. A blend of traditional blinds and modern sheer shades, their design gives these window treatments more of a contemporary feel.


If you’re leaning toward shadings, consider Silhouette® Window Shadings, which have unique S-shaped vanes that float between two sheer panels, beautifully diffusing the light in a room. Tilt the vanes and you block the view from the outside in, creating privacy while still being able to enjoy natural light.


For even greater control over incoming light, look to Silhouette Duolite® Shadings. Duolite shadings combine the light-diffusing benefits of a Silhouette shading with an independently operated roller shade nestled behind it.


If you have a large expanse of windows or sliding-glass doors, Luminette® Privacy Sheers are a gorgeous solution. Luminette sheers combine the softness of sheers with the drama of drapes, and the rotating vertical fabric vanes give you 180 degrees of light control.


In addition, all Luminette fabrics are available in cut yardage, for creating attractive accents to complement your décor.

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