Transform Your Home With Light

Transform Your Home With Light

November 15, 2019


Natural light is known to help increase productivity, elevate your mood and even improve your health. In many ways, nature's light can also beautifully transform your home's interiors.

Silhouette in India Silk Temple

Infuse Your Home With Warmth And Romance


Imagine light so finely diffused that it transforms a harshly lit room into a warm, relaxing space that almost seems to embrace you. With Silhouette® Window Shadings, soft fabric vanes suspended between front and back sheer panels can tilt to any degree, so you can set the mood in the room just how you prefer. Heightening the senses and sparking a feeling of indulgence, beautifully diffused light is the ideal objective in a quest for contentment.

Vignette in Leela Escape

Incorporate Striking Textiles For Entrancing Light Play


Refracting through threads of luxurious tactile fabrics, light performs a mesmerizing dance. Vignette® Modern Roman Shades elevate the traditional Roman shade with an advanced design and inspired textures and colors that deliver an elegant modernity to a room. Soft folds provide a uniform, contoured appearance and a refined aesthetic that charms the light to create even more beautiful décor.


Sink Into A Softened Space


When natural light is softened to create a calming glow, mood is instantly lifted. Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades produce this aura of light with two layers of fabric featuring subtle curves. Such dimensional beauty, especially with fabrics in gorgeous earth tones and neutral hues, offers a contemporary look at the window and pairs wonderfully with draperies.


Make Your Home Feel Artfully Designed


Paintings and objet d’art housed in the world’s top museums have a rare capability to conjure certain moods. With its sculptural, shapely design, Pirouette® Window Shadings are hypnotizing, captivating light through soft fabric vanes affixed to a sheer backing that bloom as they open and close. Their movement and appearance create a magical sense of wonder usually found only in hallowed gallery halls.


Enhance A Room's Dimensions


Light’s influence is inescapable, no matter the size of a window or room. Guiding light from the floor to the tallest corners of the ceiling, Luminette® Privacy Sheers create extraordinary illumination that awakens our perception of space. An ethereal combination of vertical fabric vanes and a sheer panel, Luminette sheers work perfectly on sliding doors and taller glass windows.

Relish The Luxury Of Uninterrupted Serenity


As light and air catch within insulating fabrics, a cozy atmosphere forms almost immediately. A room feels wonderfully relaxing and you, in turn, feel calm. 

Consider Layering For A Thoughtfully Decorated Home


Your home is your sanctuary, a refuge with a style that reflects your own tastes, sensibilities and desired ambiance. 

Duette in Elan Black Onyx

Create A Comfortable Space


To fully feel a sense of comfort, indoor temperature must be controlled to your preference. The superior insulating honeycomb design found in Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades traps air to impart a consistent feeling of ease throughout the room, while endless fabric and color options allow for a truly custom shade that beautifully filters light. With the Duette LightLock™ system, comfort arrives by way of unparalleled darkness—perfect for bedrooms or theater rooms you want to keep cool and dark.

Pirouette in Stria Sand Shimmer

Enjoy Your Perfect Ambiance, Precisely When You Want It


Effortless, convenient control of your window treatments lets you set the mood you desire as light evolves from bright morning rays to a soft evening glow. With PowerView® Automation, schedule your shades to move automatically, whenever you prefer. You can even program them to adjust based on the sun’s movements for enhanced energy savings. This is sophisticated, smart living.

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