Keeping Battery Power Primed

Keeping Battery Power Primed

March 12, 2024

The battery life for PowerView® systems is long-lived, with batteries typically needing to be recharged or replaced once a year (depending on the size of your shades and how often they move).

But life’s busy—meaning low batteries probably aren’t top of mind. To ensure uninterrupted, seamless control, check out these suggestions for keeping your battery power primed.

If You Have a Rechargeable Battery Wand

The lithium ion batteries inside this wand never need to be replaced—only recharged. Keep a spare battery wand at home (along with a charging station), so you’ll always have a charged battery available. Then simply switch out a low-charging battery wand with a fully charged one whenever you need to.

If you order additional rechargeable battery wands, make sure to charge them once you get them, so they’ll be ready when you need them. (A dual charging station, which lets you charge two wands simultaneously in about 3 hours, is perfect for charging spare wands.)

You can find step-by-step charging instructions here.

If You Have an Internal Rechargeable Battery

Like the rechargeable battery wand, the lithium ion batteries inside this wand never need to be replaced—only recharged. However, unlike the rechargeable battery wand, the batteries here are concealed inside the shade’s motor.

Since you can’t remove the battery, you’ll have to charge it in place. To charge it, you’ll need a magnetic charging adapter, single charger and charging cable. Check out this video for an overview of how to charge this battery.

If You Have an Alkaline Battery Wand

An alkaline battery wand takes 8-12 AA batteries; keep extra AA batteries on hand for when you need to replace them. Replacing the batteries is easy—you’ll find instructions for replacing them in PowerView Gen 2 and Gen 3 systems here.


If you have hardwired PowerView shades, you may want to consider having a few backup alkaline battery wands on hand, in case your home’s power goes out.


PowerView+ motors are not designed for battery power.

Low Battery Notifications

The PowerView App ensures you won’t be caught off-guard by indicating when your system’s batteries need to be replaced or recharged.

When the battery power level is low, a red dot will appear by “Notifications” in the app. Go to the “Notifications” page; the power level battery icons will indicate the specific shade or shades that have low battery power.

PowerView App on Phone
Low battery notification
PowerView App Battery Notifications
Shades with low battery power

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