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Room-Darkening Window Treatments

Room darkening shades Room darkening shades
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades Fabric: Leela  Color: Escape


Want to reduce glare on your television when watching a movie? Need custom room-darkening shades for your bedroom to help you sleep more soundly? Hunter Douglas offers a range of light-blocking shades for the right amount of room darkness. But with so many options, deciding what room-darkening shades to buy can be challenging. Roller? Cellular? Cordless? Liner or no liner? Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision.

From selecting materials and colors to expert measurement and installation, our window treatment specialists can help you create the perfect window treatments for your home. Find a specialist near you to get started today.


While every Hunter Douglas window treatment provides a measure of light control, some room-darkening shades offer more benefits than others. A key consideration is fabric type and color. Sheer fabrics typically soften and filter sunlight, semi-opaque fabrics provide privacy while letting in some sunlight and opaque fabrics almost completely block all light. We say "almost" because these fabrics darken a room but do not entirely eliminate light—so they are not considered blackout shades.

Light-Blocking Features

If you want to block out as much natural light as possible, look for Hunter Douglas window-treatment features that are uniquely designed to minimize light gaps and eliminate cord holes, such as the de-Lite™ feature available for many of our wood and metal blinds. Or, achieve unparalleled room darkening with our Duette® LightLock™ system. Crafted with U-shaped side channels that blend seamlessly into the window, the LightLock system absorbs light, preventing it from entering the room.

You can also help block natural light by mounting window treatments outside the window frame, or by adding drapery or side panels. 

In addition, another option for blocking light is a room-darkening liner, which is available on many of our window shades. The liner can be sewn directly into the fabric, or for ultimate flexibility, may be able to operate independently.

Designer Roller Shades Designer Roller Shades
Designer Roller Shades Fabric: Brunswich  Color: Angora


Roller shades combine a sleek, modern design with the ability to create just the right amount of light and privacy while minimizing glare. To enjoy nearly complete darkness any time of day, opt for a room-darkening fabric (a nice alternative to a blackout shade).

Silhouette Duolite Window Shadings Silhouette Duolite Window Shadings
Silhouette® Window Shadings Fabric: Toujours™  Color: Fresh Lotus

For some versatility, Silhouette® Duolite® is two shades in one, providing all the benefits of a traditional Silhouette shading but with a room-darkening roller shade nestled behind it. 

Roman shades, with their soft folds, add a touch of luxury to a room. But that doesn't mean they can't also effectively block light. Consider the revolutionary Vignette® Duolite, which combines a light-filtering or sheer front shade with a room-darkening back panel that both roll on a single roller. This dual-opacity option perfectly answers your desire for the best of both worlds—soft, natural light or soothing darkness.

Duette honeycomb shades with LightLock™ system Duette honeycomb shades with LightLock™ system
Duette® Honeycomb Shades LightLock™ Fabric: Elan®  Color: Black Onyx


If you want the added benefit of reducing heat in the summer or cold in the winter, a honeycomb shade has a cellular design that adds a layer of insulation at the window. For added energy savings, Duette Honeycomb Shades offer both a single construction and a cell-within-a-cell design called Duette Architella®. Architella shades feature more layers of fabric and insulating air pockets, allowing them to provide greater energy efficiency. 

For room-darkening window treatments in your bedroom, nursery or media room, opt for the Duette LightLock system, with its unique U-shaped side channels that overlap the front and back of the shades. The secret to unparalleled room darkening lies within the patent-pending side channel design—which features rows of specially shaped micro-ridges, optimized to absorb or deflect nearly all incoming light while preventing the light from seeping into the room.

Pirouette window shadings Pirouette window shadings
Pirouette® Window Shadings Fabric: Satin Metallic  Color: Copper


For a clean, uncluttered look, consider a cordless room-darkening shade. The great thing about shades without lift cords is that they're a safer choice if you have children or pets. And your options aren't limited; there are a lot of cordless styles available for room-darkening window treatments, including LiteRise®, which enables you to raise and lower your shades by just lifting or lowering the bottom rail.

Automated shades (both battery-operated and electric) are also cordless. The beauty of automated shades is that you can control them using a remote or an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can even enjoy the benefits of motorized room-darkening shades with side channels with Duette Honeycomb Shades with LightLock and PowerView® Automation.

Silhouette window shadings Silhouette window shadings
Silhouette® Window Shadings Fabric: India Silk  Color: Jute

Our Recommendations

Room Darkening Fabrics
blackout shades - Designer Roller Shades blackout shades - Designer Roller Shades
Designer Roller Shades

Designer Roller Shades offer a wide selection of opaque fabrics and colors for you to choose from and come with a variety of design options and lifting systems.

Light-Blocking Features
blackout shades  - Duette honeycomb shades blackout shades  - Duette honeycomb shades
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Duette® Honeycomb Shades provide many room-darkening options including the LightLock™ System that is the only system of its kind that achieves unparalleled darkness.

blackout shades - Parkland blackout shades - Parkland
Parkland® Wood Blinds

The de-Light feature offered with Parkland® Wood Blinds is a routless design that hides cord holes helping to block light and create a more finished appearance.

blackout blinds  - Modern Precious Metals blackout blinds  - Modern Precious Metals
Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds

Another horizontal blinds option for de-Light room-darkening possibilities is our Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds.

room darkening shades  - Silhouette room darkening shades  - Silhouette
Silhouette® Window Shadings

Silhouette® shadings provide light-blocking options such as Duolite®, which combine a Silhouette shading with a room-darkening roller shade.

room darkening shades - Vignette Duolite Shades room darkening shades - Vignette Duolite Shades
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Vignette® Duolite combines a front shade with a built-in room-darkening back panel on a single roller. Lower or raise the back panel for the level of room darkening you desire.

room darkening shades - Alustra Woven Textures room darkening shades - Alustra Woven Textures
Alustra® Woven Textures®

Alustra® Woven Textures® Roman and Roller shades are available with an optional liner in an array of complementary color choices in light-filtering or room-darkening opacities. The liner operates independently from the shade, allowing ultimate light-control flexibility and improved energy-efficiency.

From selecting materials and colors to expert measurement and installation, our window treatment specialists can help you create the perfect window treatments for your home. Find a specialist near you to get started today.