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Powerview with Nest in living roomPowerview with Nest in living room

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization utilizes wireless RF communication for precise control of most Hunter Douglas window treatments, whether raising, lowering, tilting or traversing. The PowerView App allows you to create customized Scenes that can activate all the treatments in a home in any combination of positions to fit the mood or activity. In addition, PowerView works with Nest® to add another level of convenience to everyday living and greater connectivity to your smart home. Learn more about PowerView Motorization

How It Works

Hunter Douglas PowerView motorized window treatments work with Nest to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home while providing privacy and saving energy year-round. PowerView motorized window treatments will automatically adjust themselves when your Nest Learning Thermostat senses you are away, and during Rush Hour events.

PowerView with Nest showing awayPowerView with Nest showing away

Home and Away

Nest can sense when you’re away from home and alert the PowerView App to activate a PowerView Scene of your choosing. These can range from Scenes that optimize privacy to those that emphasize home security or energy conservation. Any planned scheduled events will be disabled until you return home.

PowerView with Nest showing eventsPowerView with Nest showing events

Rush Hour Events

Nest is notified when your local utility grid is nearing its maximum load. In response, Nest will cause PowerView shades throughout the home to close, taking advantage of their insulating properties to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home while reducing your home’s energy usage.

iPhone with Nest setup step 1iPhone with Nest setup step 1

Easily Configure Your PowerView App to Work With Nest

Step 1:
Find the 'PowerView Account' button in the Main Menu.

iPhone with Nest setup step 2iPhone with Nest setup step 2

Step 2:
Associate your Nest account with PowerView.

iPhone with Nest setup step 3iPhone with Nest setup step 3

Step 3:
Configure your optimal experience with Nest.