PowerView® Automation Works With Ok Google

Control your PowerView Scenes using just your voice with Google.

ok google blinds ok google blinds

Learn how to operate your automated shades with Google

After your PowerView system is installed, you will need the following to control your shades with voice commands:

- A PowerView account with a PowerView Gen 2 Hub registered to the account.

- A device enabled with Google Assistant connected to your Google account.

- The Google Assistant App or the Google Home App downloaded and installed on your mobile device.


Getting Started

Learn more about how to get started using the Google Assistant App or Google Home App.

Use Voice Commands to Control Shade Scenes

Use your voice to control your PowerView window treatments with a Google Assistant-enabled device. You can control your shades through PowerView Scenes. Activate PowerView Scenes with Google by saying commands that correspond to your PowerView Scene names. Examples of phrases to control your Scenes include:

"Ok Google, activate Good Morning"

"Ok Google, activate I'm Home"

"Ok Google, activate Good Night’"



Setup Tips

- Before attempting to add PowerView Scenes to the Google Assistant/Home App, please ensure your PowerView Gen 2 Hub is registered to your PowerView account.

- Any changes made to PowerView Scenes in the PowerView App, including Scene names, additions and deletions, will automatically be updated in the Google Assistant/Home App.


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