PowerView® Automation is Compatible With Alexa-Enabled Devices

Control your PowerView Automation shades from your Amazon Alexa-enabled devices using voice commands.

Learn How To Operate Your Automated Shades Using Amazon Alexa Voice Commands

Using Amazon Alexa voice commands provides an easy, secure way to control your Alexa-enabled home devices. After you have your PowerView system installed on your window treatments, in order to control your shades with voice commands you need:


  • A PowerView account with a PowerView Gen 2 Hub registered to the account.
  • A device enabled with Amazon Alexa connected to your Amazon account.
  • The Amazon Alexa App downloaded and installed on your mobile device.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Get additional information on how to control PowerView Scenes using Amazon Alexa voice commands.

Using Voice Commands

Use voice commands to control your PowerView window treatments using Amazon Alexa-controlled devices. You can control your shades through Scenes. Simply say, "Alexa, turn on" followed by the PowerView Scene name to voice-activate your Scenes. Examples of phrases to control your Scenes include:


"Alexa, turn on Good Morning"


"Alexa, turn on I'm Home"


"Alexa, turn on Movie Time in Living Room’"



  • Before attempting to add PowerView Scenes in the Alexa App, please ensure your PowerView Gen 2 Hub is registered to your PowerView Account.
  • After your PowerView Scenes have been discovered in the Alexa App, use the Groups feature in the Devices tab to combine your PowerView Scenes with other smart devices within your home. You may also use it to group together multiple PowerView Scenes, such as Shade Scenes and Repeater Scenes, for integrated voice-activated control.
  • If you did not discover all of your PowerView Scenes after linking to your account, or you need to discover new Scenes in the future, you can always discover more PowerView Scenes by selecting "Discover" in the Add Device menu of the Devices tab in the Alexa App.

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