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Use the Powerview App to schedule your shades.

Schedule your shades

Want your shades to open automatically at 6 AM, then lower at bedtime without ever touching them? Use the PowerView® scheduling feature so your shades move automatically to your preferred positions throughout the day.

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Energy Efficiency and Safety

Schedule your shades to open with the sunrise. Create a schedule that closes them midday to keep the sun from fading your furniture and overheating your home. Or even operate them while you’re away on vacation.

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Powerview helps make your window treatments safe and energy efficient.

Best in Design

The PowerView® Hub Kit is the recipient of a prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award, one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design. A winner in the judges’ eyes, we invite you to put it to the test in your home.

Red Dot Design Award 2018
Woman controlling shades with voice.

Control Your Shades with Voice

The world’s most stylish shades are now the most intelligent. Use simple voice commands to activate your PowerView motorized shades.

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Diagram of Powerview in a Smart home.

Smart Home Compatibility

Create a personalized, whole-home, connected experience by integrating PowerView Motorization with compatible smart home systems like Nest and Amazon Alexa.

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Intelligent Design

The PowerView® Repeater extends the signal range of the Hub to carry commands throughout your home. Added bonus: its soft glow provides customized lighting throughout the day or night.

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PowerView Repeater

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