Platinum Technology + App

Platinum Technology and App Support

Please note our motorized operating systems with Platinum Technology, including PowerRise®, PowerGlide® and PowerTilt®, have been DISCONTINUED. Manuals and FAQs are still available here if you currently have one of these systems installed; and the Platinum App is still available in the app stores if you're looking to operate these systems via your personal mobile devices. See below.

If you need further assistance and support don't hesitate to call or email us. A Hunter Douglas representative is available weekdays as indicated.

United States:
(800) 789-0331

(800) 265-8000
8:30AM-7PM ET

For more information about our latest motorized operating system be sure to check out Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization, a revolutionary new system that automatically moves your shades throughout the day so you don't have to. Learn more about PowerView

The Platinum App is Still Available to Download

Click a link below to download the App for Apple® or Android devices:

Apple iOS 6.0 or later

Android 3.0 or later

Android 3.0 or later (Kindle Fire)

Platinum App screenshot with ScenePlatinum App screenshot with Scene


A simple touch of the “good morning” scene could raise the shades in the kitchen and living room, letting in just the right amount of light for a warming wake-up. Tapping “good night” might lower all shades in the home for maximum privacy and security.

Platinum App screenshot with RoomPlatinum App screenshot with Room


Use the slider bar to close all the window coverings in the “Master Bedroom” and get a restful night’s sleep.

Platinum App screenshot with time of dayPlatinum App screenshot with time of day

Time of Day

Like clockwork, individual and group window coverings can be precisely positioned for security, energy efficiency and personal preference. The Platinum App timer automatically activates timed scenes, even when the mobile device is not in the home.

Required and Optional Platinum App Components

As indicated, the components listed below are either required or optional for the optimal performance of the Hunter Douglas Platinum App.

Platinum App Bridge iconPlatinum App Bridge icon

Platinum App Bridge (required)

The Platinum App Bridge is the heart of the system, storing programmed data and sending out operational signals. The Bridge is connected to your home router. The router sends incoming signals from the Platinum App on your mobile device to the Bridge.

Platinum Repeater iconPlatinum Repeater icon

Platinum Repeater (optional)

Repeaters can be used throughout the home to extend the signal range of the Platinum App Bridge.