How to Clean Vignette Roman Shades?

See our Care and Cleaning guide for more detailed information on how to clean your Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shades. Call customer support at (800) 789-0331.

Steaming - Steaming can be done to remove wrinkles from some fabrics. A hand-held travelsize steamer that provides continuous steam is best. Heavy-duty steamers are not recommended. Please contact the Hunter Douglas Customer Information Center for product specifics.

Dusting - Regular light dusting maintains a like-new appearance for most blinds, shades, shadings, sheers, shutters and window panels.

Compressed air or hair dryer (non-heat setting) - Use to blow dust off selected window coverings.

Spot-cleaning - Spot-clean shades and blinds with a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water. Add mild detergent if needed. Blot gently to avoid creasing or damaging the fabric. Rubbing can damage fabrics.