How do I Clean Pirouette Window Shadings?

Pirouette Window Shadings can be lightly dusted or gently vacuumed with a brush attachment. Spot cleaning can be done with soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water. The shadings can also be professionally cleaned. It is best to contact Hunter Douglas customer support at (800) 789-0331 for additional assistance.


Professional Cleaning

When choosing an ultrasonic cleaning technician, be sure to ask:

• Will the temperature of the bath water exceed 90°F? If the water temperature is higher than the recommendation, oxidation may occur in room-darkening vanes.

• Is your tank long enough to accommodate the length of the sheer? (Very important.) The tank used should be at least as long as the height of the sheer to allow for cleaning without folding and wrinkling the vanes.