How do I Change the Batteries in my PowerView Pebble Remote?

To replace the batteries in the PowerView Remote, follow the instructions below. The remote takes two CR2032 batteries.

  1. Gently remove the remote module. For the Pebble® Remote, slide your thumb in the indentation, gently lift and remove the remote module from the Pebble. For the Surface Remote, remove the Surface from its mounting plate by twisting the Surface counter-clockwise. Push the remote module out from the back of the Surface.

  2. Remove the back cover from the remote module. It can be useful to insert a small coin, such as a penny, into the indentation on the back of the remote module and use the coin to twist the cover off.

  3. Remove the old batteries.

  4. Insert the new batteries with the positive side facing up on both.

  5. Replace the back cover of the remote module.

  6. Align the ribs on the remote module with the grooves on the Pebble or the Surface.